Energizing your holiday

Staying active during the holiday can be difficult, but here are some ways to fit exercise in your day.

Time is limited during the holiday season so fitting exercise in your daily routine seems a bit impossible. There are ways to continue exercising; it just may be a bit different. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gives recommendations for all ages to exercise in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Eating more food and moving less is how we generally view holidays. We are busy trying to do so many things that we tend to put what we may see as unnecessary things on hold until we are able to return to our routine. Michigan State University Extension suggests following these tips that can help add exercise to your day through the holidays, and you may not even realize it.

Tips for staying active:

  • Park as far away as you can from the store. Even adding those little steps to your shopping can help.
  •  Take the stairs not the elevator.
  • Clean the house to music and add in squats, stretches and walk with the vacuum. All movement counts.
  • Have outdoor activities planned for family and friends when they come over. Snowshoeing, walk or sledding brings the family together and provides exercise for everyone as well as creates memories.
  • Try downhill skiing or a fun run for a cause. There may be a charity raising funds this time of year. Join in the fun, get exercise and raise funds to give to others.
  • Many people have pets that still need to go outside. Take them for a walk, or multiple walks but at a shorter distance.

Holidays are here for us to rekindle and refresh with family and friends. Bring them into your exercise and take time to walk together to enjoy the season. Exercise keeps us healthy, so fit it in any way and any time you can.

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