Feed program efficiency: What's Your Role program to debut in St. Johns, Michigan

In a depressed dairy economy, what areas of the feed program can the producer have a direct impact on maximizing efficiency and utilizing the resources already on the farm?

When the dairy economy is depressed, the majority of producers are forced to maintain margins by increasing efficiency. It is no surprise that feed cost accounts for around 60 percent of the input costs on a dairy farm. On many occasions, the feed program is targeted with scissors and without careful consideration of the potential impact of implemented changes. Management of the feed program not only has a direct impact on operational cost but a huge influence on revenue when considering animal performance and health.

Currently cash flow is a restraint for the majority of farmers which makes it hard to invest in new and more efficient technology for the feed program. However, there are strategies that can considerably improve efficiency and help farmers maximize the use of resources already on the farm. Many areas can be directly influenced by the farmer’s management strategies such as: labor management, equipment usage, feed usage and maximizing intake, or decision making on rations and feedstuffs. Slight changes in these areas can potentially lead to increased efficiencies in procedures and considerable improvements in the farm’s bottom line.

MSU Extension will offer a seminar designed to provide farmers with strategies to impact the operation of their feed program. Participants will learn the concepts in a short classroom session that includes four short presentations from industry leading professionals. Each presentation is designed to improve awareness of present inefficiencies and provide strategies to maximize one area. From equipment to feed usage and labor management, the program will discuss areas that can directly impact your bottom line.

Invited speakers are:

  • Dr. Sam Mosley, Technical Service professional with Diamond V with a background in large herd dairy management and ample experience in conducting TMR audits.
  • Mr. Joel Vazquez- Professional dairy nutritionist with United Animal Health with over 10 years of field experience in ration formulation and feed management practices
  • Mr. Allen Bonthuis- Technical service and sales consultant with AIS Construction equipment with extensive knowledge in lean management practices and ample experience in equipment management to maximize productivity.
  • Mr. Martin J. Mangual, dairy educator with MSU Extension will discuss the impact of labor in a feed program and how employee development is key to remove inefficiencies.

Feed Program Efficiency: What’s your role?

When: December 14, 2018

Where: Clinton County RESA 1013 Old 27, Suite A, St Johns MI

Time: 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

RSVP to Martin J. Mangual at carrasq1@msu.edu or (616) 994 4581

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