Field Crops Virtual Breakfast on July 22 to focus on tar spot in corn and white mold in soybeans

Will the recent wet weather impact the chances of your corn and soybeans getting tar spot or white mold? Marty Chilvers will present his predictions based on the expected weather conditions.

Small black spots on corn leaf.
New tar spot lesions on a corn leaf. Look for dark brown to black raised lesions that have a small brown halo around them. Note the size of the lesions compared to the leaf hairs and the pollen visible in the leaf. Be aware that bug poop sometimes can be confused for tar spot lesions. True tar spot lesions cannot be rubbed off with your finger. Photo by Bruce MacKellar, MSU Extension.

The Michigan State University Extension Field Crops Virtual Breakfast on July 22, 2021, will focus on field crop diseases. Tar spot and white mold are often concerns during wet growing seasons. Early scouting has identified tar spot leaf infections in corn fields across several counties, especially those in southwest Michigan. Marty Chilvers, MSU field crops pathologist, will be providing an update on the outlook for challenges from these two important field crop diseases.

Chilvers will be discussing how to identify the early symptoms of tar spot and what field conditions are likely to produce an outbreak of white mold in your soybean fields. Chilvers will also discuss the role weather plays in helping the initial infection and spread of these diseases across the state, and how the extended outlook may play an important role in the decision to apply fungicides to potentially control their spread. MSU agriculture climatologist Jeff Andresen will also provide a detailed analysis of the weeks weather and the extended outlook and how these may play a role in your crop’s productivity.

Plan to join us on Thursday morning at 7 a.m. to learn more about tar spot and white mold and the weather outlook. We hope to see you there!

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