Food trucks still on the move

The first in a series of articles that will review the food truck concept, business planning, opportunities, regulations and trends.

The Concept Remains a Viable Trend

The food truck concept has been around for many decades in some form or fashion. Hot dog stands, mobile concessions and yes, food trucks. In recent years the food truck concept has expanded and remains a hot trend according to the National Restaurant Association, the food truck concept continues to be a hot trend in restaurant concepts.

In Michigan, the restaurant and food service industry represents a significant value in Michigan’s economy with over 16,000 eating establishments, a $15.9 billion dollar projection of sales in 2017 and employees 435,000 people (10% of all those employed in the state), according to the Michigan Restaurant Association. Food trucks are capturing a niche in the restaurant and food service business. In addition to free standing food truck businesses, established restaurants, especially fast casual operations, also are launching food trucks. In fact, 19 percent of fast casual restaurants say they are very or somewhat likely to launch one in the next year or two, according toNational Restaurant Association research

Locally, municipalities may have different ordinances and regulations governing food truck operations. Individuals or restaurants considering a food truck operation as a method of food service delivery would be advised to investigate those rules as a condition of their business planning. The food truck business may continue to be a viable trend in food service delivery method in Michigan and across the country. Future articles will address some of the regulatory considerations for food trucks, highlight local food truck delivery providers and preview other venues that food trucks can and have developed to meet food service delivery needs/wants in local communities.

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