Fundraising: The career and the training

There are opportunities to pursue a career in fundraising. Youth can develop skills in this career in 4-H by participating in fundraising activities.

Are you a person who enjoys raising money for organizations or good causes? Do you like going out in public to make presentations and speak to people? Do you like working with other people and coordinating events? Did you know these types of interests can lead to a career in fundraising? Raising funds for any type of non-profit organization or cause that will benefit others can be exciting and give someone a great sense of fulfillment.

Michigan State University Extension suggest that those students who are interested in fundraising become fundraisers or fundraising managers. Raising money and collecting donations is not the sole responsibility of a fundraiser. The job responsibility of a fundraiser also consists of the process to create messages and strategies to raise the money, recordkeeping, training volunteers, and reporting. Fundraising managers coordinate the fundraising campaigns and events to raise money for their organization. They also develop and implement fundraising strategies, identify and contact possible people or organizations to become donors, meet with donors, write grants, and manage staff. Someone who aspires to become a fundraising manager can start as a fundraiser to gain some experience needed.

Michigan State University offers majors that can help prepare students who are interested in careers in fundraising. The College of Communication Arts and Sciences offers majors such as Advertising and Communication and the opportunity to specialize in Public Relations or Sales Communication. Through the Eli Broad College of Business, students can major in Marketing and Management.

Did you know that youth can receive training for fundraising through 4-H? A couple of reasons 4-H clubs raise funds are to help members participate in certain activities or go on special trips and purchasing supplies for their projects. Fundraising can also serve as a community service project. Youth in 4-H clubs can think of ways to raise money for a local non-profit organization and donate the funds from the project. Allowing youth to plan and implement the fundraisers can give them an opportunity to develop a career skill or lead them to a career in fundraising.

Fundraising in 4-H develops life skills and career skills. Michigan 4-H Youth Development has resources that can assist youth to develop skills related to fundraising like writing, public speaking and other skills from the Michigan 4-H Communications Toolkit. Encourage youth to get involved in fundraising. This activity is a winning situation for those who participate and for those who receive the monetary donations.

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