Cultivating resilience: On the farm and in the community

Michigan Field Crops "In the Weeds" podcast provides convenient education to critical issues facing farmers. This second series will explore conservation practices that build soil and our relationships with our communities.

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Listen to the Michigan Field Crops podcast channel for a new “In the Weeds” series exploring conservation practices. You will hear from farmers, agribusiness, Michigan State University Extension educators and other leading agriculture professionals on conservation practices that will save your soil, nutrients and money.

Series 2 Episode 1: Clean and Clear: Partnership with local drain officials

MSU Extension educators Monica Jean and Sarah Fronzack sit down with Randy Dell, agriculture program director of the Nature Conservancy in Michigan, and Brian Wendling Saginaw County Public Works Commissioner, to discuss a partnership to maintain county drainage between counties and farmers.

Series 2 Episode 2: Getting Down to the Business of Sustainability

MSU Extension educators Jean and Fronzack sit down with Tim Boring of the Michigan Agribusiness Association and Tom Zimnicki, program director of Agriculture and Water Quality for the Michigan Environmental Council, to discuss private industry impacts on farming sustainability standards. 

Series 2 Episode 3: Innovative Online Tools for Conservation

MSU Extension educators Jean, Fronzack and Erica Rogers sit down to discuss online tools and reflect on the difficulties related to manure management on farms.

Series 2 Episode 4: The Scoop on the Poop Power-UP

MSU Extension educators Jean and Fronzack sit down with Tess Van Gorder, agriculture ecology department specialist for the Michigan Farm Bureau, to discuss the use of on-farm digesters.

Series 2 Episode 5: Lessons Learned from Lake Erie

MSU Extension educators Jean and Fronzack sit down with Sarah Noggle, Ohio State University Extension educator, to discuss water quality issues in the Lake Erie Basin and what Michigan Farmers can learn from Ohio. 

The podcast is available on Spotify, ITunes and embedded on the Field Crops Team website. New podcasts will be posted every other week. To receive notification on podcast posts, please subscribe to our channel: Michigan Field Crops.


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