Getting “In the Weeds” on hemp production in Michigan

Michigan Field Crops “In the Weeds” podcast third series explores hemp production.

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Listen to the Michigan Field Crops podcast channel for a new “In the Weeds” series exploring hemp production. You will hear from farmers, agribusiness and Michigan State University Extension educators about topics that will be critical for growing hemp in 2020 in Michigan. Two other series are also available ranging from pest management to sustainability issues. Series 3 discusses hemp management issues and are now available.

Series 3 Episode 1: Hemp Crop Insurance Options

MSU Extension field crop educator Eric Anderson discusses federal and private crop insurance options for hemp with David Colville of Colville Insurance Agency. Colville runs through descriptions, requirements and limitations to the various insurance options. 

Series 3 Episode 2: Hemp Pollination Considerations

Anderson and Monica Jean, MSU Extension field crop educator, sit down with James DeDecker, director of the MSU Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center, to discuss pollination considerations for the 2020 season.

Series 3 Episode 3: Thinking Ahead: Critical Issues for First-Time Growers

Anderson sits down with Lori Whitmyer, hemp grower from southwest Michigan, to discuss critical issues facing first time hemp growers.

Series 3 Episode 4: Now and Later Hemp Regulations

Jean and Anderson discuss current and future hemp regulations growers and processors should know.

Series 3 Episode 5: Round Two: Do’s and Don’ts for Second-Year Hemp Growers

Anderson sits down with Mike Klumpp, owner of Ag Marvels in Shepherd, Michigan, to discuss hemp management for the experienced grower.

The podcast is available on Spotify, ITunes and embedded on the Field Crops Team website. New podcasts will be posted every week for this series. To receive notification on podcast posts, please subscribe to our channel: Michigan Field Crops.

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