Getting our youth into the field before the end of hunting season

There is still time to get youth out for a good, quality hunting experience.

Pheasant hunting is a great way to get youth out and into the Youth learning to huntgreat outdoors. Pheasant and other upland game bird hunting season will end on April 15. Youth who received their hunting license last year, now is a great time to get into the field as they might experience the hunt of a lifetime. The truly cold days are now behind us and the essence of spring is upon us, which makes now the perfect weather to introduce youth to upland game bird hunting. To keep youth engaged in the great sport of hunting, adults must seek out and provide hunting opportunities for children. This will keep them engaged and help to develop the desire to continue to participate in the great sport of hunting. Hunting has a long heritage in Michigan that may diminish if we fail to provide our youth with meaningful and enjoyable hunting experiences.

Michigan State University Extension says that there are several pheasant hunting preserves across Michigan. Most seasoned hunters are not familiar with these preserves. In most cases, there are hunting preserves within an hour’s drive of our homes that we never knew existed. The accommodations are conducive to family hunting experiences. Owners of preserves make an extra effort to provide youth with a wholesome and productive hunting experience. Preserve owners also embrace the fact that the youth hunters of today will hopefully continue to enjoy the great sport of hunting. Youth may develop into long-term hunters that could utilize these facilities for years to come.

Hunting preserves provide a variety of opportunities for youth and adults. In addition to the traditional hunt in the field, a lot of preserves offer trap shooting as a warm up. Tower hunts are available for groups to experience wingshooting from a unique vantage point. Guided hunts behind high quality, well trained bird hunting dogs are also available for your pleasure. Information can be obtained on the Michigan Association of Gamebird Breeders and Hunting Preserves website. Another source of information is the Michigan Wingshooting Directory.

Make an investment in future generations by getting youth out to hunt before you run out of time. Take a youth out and have a safe and enjoyable experience in the field in the very near future!

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