Ensuring strong communities

When you support MSU Extension, participants learn how to implement best practices in good governance that keeps communities solvent, productive and engaged by learning conflict management skills and engaging youth in decision-making.

When you support MSU Extension, participants learn how to implement best practices in good governance that keeps communities solvent, productive and engaged; learn effective conflict management skills that help leaders and residents work collaboratively on complex issues; and engage youth leaders in decision-making. In the personal finance area, MSU Extension helps youth and adults alike learn the skills they need to increase their savings, manage their spending, avoid predatory lending and reduce mortgage defaults. All of these outcomes help lower the cost of governmental services and lead to personal and community stability, strong neighborhoods and safe communities.

Mock Interview Day-Clare/Isabella/Gladwin

High school students need the opportunity to practice interview skills in order to be ready for the workforce. Employers appreciate and are more likely to hire candidates who know how to present themselves. Michigan 4-H is perfectly situated to provide this type of learning opportunity. To address this need, a Mock Interview Day event for Isabella, Clare, and Gladwin counties is planned and held in mid-March every year. Chaired by staff from MSU Extension, other partners include Michigan Works!, Mid-Michigan Development Corporation, Gladwin Economic Development Corporation, Central Michigan University, Clare-Gladwin RESD and Mid Michigan Community College. On the day of the event, about 70 adults from local businesses volunteer their time to interview students, review résumés, and provide short educational workshops. In 2016, 300 11th and 12th grade students from 8 area schools took part in the event. 121 students attended from Gladwin County. After the event in 2016:

  • 95 percent of the students surveyed felt they would do a better job interviewing in the future
  • 96 percent agreed that after this event they had more confidence in their ability to do well in a job interview
  • 96 percent felt more prepared to join the workforce
  • 96 percent would encourage other students to attend this event in the future

Gladwin County Farm Markets

This past year, a new farm market opened up in Beaverton, MSU Extension had an educational information booth present to share programs and information on 4-H, food preservation and agriculture.

The Gladwin Farmers Market opened in May and MSU Extension had a 4-H display table set up and held blanching and freezing demonstrations and shared Michigan Fresh – food preservation information. Staff was available for pressure canner dial checks. MSU Extension was present in both locations a total of 6 six times throughout the summer to showcase what we offer.

Homeownership & Foreclosure Prevention

MI Money Health’s team of knowledgeable, straight-forward financial pros demystify common money and homeownership best practices with university-backed, research-based programs and resources to help Michigan residents navigate through whatever fiscal challenges life throws their way.

Homeownership Education: This course helps participants make informed choices about the true costs of homeownership. Bonus? Completing the course can help Michigan residents qualify for down-payment and other assistance programs.

Money Management: Unbiased education about common money struggles and best practices help Michigan residents at any financial stage in life. In Gladwin County 15 individuals participated in three sessions of “Money Management” education.

Foreclosure: Our certified housing counselors help Michigan residents navigate through the tough decisions and explore options to avoid foreclosure whenever possible.

Rent Smart: The Rent Smart program covers the financial preparation, basic rental process and continual good tenant conduct. It is designed to help educate individuals or families on how to be good tenants, including the rights and responsibilities of a renter. Gladwin County had 20 participants in this program.

Build Your Future

Fourteen youth ages 13-9 year olds attended a 3 week session on Build Your Future – choices, connections and careers. The youth received their own career journal to keep track of what they learned. Information was shared on finding out their career path, goal setting, building portfolios, funding sources, resume writing, interview skills and path-ways to success. Extension Educator Bev Przystas along with local volunteer leader Janelle Thurlow taught these sessions.

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