Google Chrome "Aw Snap" Error

There is a current compatibility issue with Google Chrome and the MSU required anti-virus program, Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP.) If you are getting an error when trying to launch Chrome, follow the included instructions to resolve the issue.

Verifying the Version of SEP Installed

  1. Open the Symantec Endpoint Protection application on your computer.
  2. Select the Windows Icon.
  3. Enter "Symantec Endpoint Protection" in the search box.

  4. If prompted, select Agree to allow SEP to make changes.
  5. Once SEP opens, select Help.
  6. Select About.

  7. If the version listed is 14 (14.0) or 14 (14.1), you will need to update SEP.
    NOTE: If you have 14.2 or you are not using SEP, this is not the fix for your error and you will need to contact the ANR Service Desk.

Updating SEP version 14.0 or 14.1

  1. Save any open work.
  2. Close any open applications.
  3. Go to the ANR Service Desk SharePoint Site.
  4. Download the file titled SEP_x64 14.2.
  5. Right Click the folder SEP_x64 14.2.
  6. Select Extract All to unzip the folder.

  7. From the unzipped folder, select SEP_x64 10.24.19 to run the installer.
    NOTE: When the installation is complete, the window will disappear. There is no button to select.
  8. Restart your computer to complete the update.
  9. Upon restart, Log In to your computer as normal and Open Chrome.

If you need further assistance, please contact the ANR Service Desk at at (517) 355-3776 or

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