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A time for a change in thinking.

September 27, 2013 - Author: Angela Harris,

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Have fun watching your child learn and grow! Photo credit: Pixabay.
Have fun watching your child learn and grow! Photo credit: Pixabay.

At about age two, your child will begin to think in a more mature way.  They participated in activities because they enjoyed the way it made them feel, how it sounded or made their body move.  They are developing mental concepts that help them organize and make sense of what they experience.  They are beginning to use mental images to think about things in their environment.  At this age, children also begin to wonder how and why things work.  They will begin to notice the differences and similarities between objects.  According to Michigan State University Extension, your toddler’s increased curiosity will drive his learning and achievement. 

At this time children are beginning to understand that objects and experiences are made up of different parts.  When they put a puzzle together, they can see how each piece makes up the picture as a whole. Children know some of their body parts and understand these parts make up their whole body. As they grow older they will use these skills to combine letters in to words and words into sentences. They will apply this to math by adding numbers and will be able to follow steps to a science experiment.

Your child will also begin to understand transformations; they are excited and curious about the changing process.  They will learn that one thing can change from one state to another and still be the same thing. They also begin to enjoy modeling household chores like vacuuming, laundry and wiping down the counters. They become interested in other people and things around them and will ask “why?” very often. 

As your toddler becomes an active thinker they acquire a greater amount of knowledge and will grasp concepts more easily.  Encourage them to explore their world, while keeping them safe.  Have fun with them and enjoy watching your child learn and grow!

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