Have you said “thank you!” lately?

Thank-you notes have a purpose in your personal and professional life.

Think back to the last thank-you note, specifically a hand-written one that you received.  How did it make you feel?

Thank-you notes have a great role in relationship building and connecting with others from both a personal and professional standpoint.  Recipients feel recognized and appreciated when they receive a thank-you note.  It is seen as a courteous and thoughtful gesture and can impact the future of a relationship.

When should you write a thank-you note?

  • After receiving any type of gift
  • After a job interview (if a decision is made quickly, you may send this note as an e-mail)
  • After someone makes a donation in your name
  • After someone goes above or beyond the expected
  • After someone writes a letter of recommendation for you
  • After someone helps you with a project or endeavor
  • If you want to make a good impression

If you are unsure of whether to write a thank-you note, write one!  4-H Youth Development staff and volunteers should act as a role model and teach 4-H members the importance of thank-you notes.  Writing thank-you notes can easily be tied into teaching projects and programs.

The Seven Steps to a Great Thank-You Note” resource outlines the importance of thank-you notes, but most importantly, it details how to write a great thank-you note that will be a true positive impact on the recipient.  Gratitude goes a long way!

More information on thank-you notes and career preparation can be found on the Michigan State University Extension website.

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