Healthier eating through play

Families can learn how to build healthier diets together through fun websites and videos.

Health professionals, public health advocates and nutrition educators stress the importance of a healthy diet and physical activity for all of us. If you want a great way for your family to come together and focus on healthier eating and time together, here is a way to work towards that goal. Food N’ Me is a website that uses videos and games that parents and children can engage in to become aware of healthier eating and healthier food choices. These games help teach the nutrition concepts that the United States Department of Agriculture and Michigan State University Extension promotes including balancing calories and food intake.

The games are found at They have been featured on the FIT website from Sanford Health and WebMD and reviewed by scientific advisor Dr. Adam Drewnowski, who is a leader in prevention and treatment of obesity. Additionally, the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education Coalition supports use of these games and videos to enhance learning these basic nutrition principles. Be ready for some great fun, amazing animations and fun activities!

The games were created by nutritionists and dieticians. Game modules help players find healthy alternatives that children like, activities are age appropriate, children and parents receive useful tips and it is fun for the whole family. Topic areas include “What Food Am I?,” which focuses on the concepts of eating a balanced diet; “Smash Your Food” shows the amounts of sugar, salt and oil that is in usual abused foods; “Food Quiz” gives the opportunity to learn while playing, “Vince and Lyn” reinforce exercise and the messages learned in many of the previous lessons and “What Recipe Am I?” is an imaginative food adventure. These engaging videos and games make learning about food and essential nutrition concepts to promote a healthier life and wellbeing.

Round up the kids and set aside an hour to work together to boost up the nutritional readiness of your family. Here is to healthier eating and exercise!

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