Healthy snacks when traveling

It is easy to travel with healthy snacks.

Summer is when people make plans to travel to popular destinations. Snacks are always something that should be considered as part of the plans you make. Thoughtfulness should be given when taking snacks on a road trip, whether it is traveling with safe food snacks or healthy snacks. Think about the length of time you will be traveling. Pack healthy snacks that are appropriate and convenient for each individual, cleanliness and proportion.

Let’s talk about what is a healthy snack to take when we travel. Fruit should be high on the priority list but you may want to consider dried fruit. You can mix dried fruit with nuts and have a very healthy snack that will supply many health benefits. This type of snack travels easily with little mess. You can also take cereal and separate it into smaller bags for safe keeping. Use a whole grain cereal, this helps you reach your daily grain serving, as well as keeping you full.

It isn’t hard to find healthy snacks that travel well, if you are traveling a short distance fresh fruit is a very good healthy snack. Oranges could be peeled and separated then placed in a baggie until you are ready to eat it. Veggies can travel well, cut and store ready to eat in a bag, but you need to keep them in a cooler so they can last. Michigan State University Extension recommends planning ahead when traveling to find appropriate healthy foods to take when you travel as well as using proper storage.

When traveling any time throughout the year it is important to consider appropriate healthy snacks. It is easy to do just remember to keep food safe, use a cooler and ice packs.

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