How about some new state highway signs for the New Year? Part 1

Agri-tourism, cultural, historical and related operations may be eligible for Michigan special signage programs on state trunk lines and interstate highways.

Photo credit: Michigan Logos, Inc.
Photo credit: Michigan Logos, Inc.

Most of us have seen and used the blue highway signs along our highways. If you operate one of the many destination businesses or organizations, you may want to look into getting these in 2016.

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Tourist-oriented Directional Signs (TODS) Program has specified businesses such as wineries and farm markets, in addition to cultural, historical, and recreational and related operations as eligible. Organizations must garner a major portion of their revenues from out-of-area travelers, and have at least 2000 visitors annually. The six by two foot signs may be placed on rural state highways, but not at interchanges on expressways or freeways. The customer pays an annual fee of $360 per year per sign. Smaller, trailblazer signs placed on local roads in conjunction with the larger TOD signs, if needed, may be obtained for $120 per year per sign.

“Once we put up the sign on US-12 and drew in new customers, we decided to expand our use of highway signs with great success,” says Steve Lecklider of Lehman’s Orchard, Winery and Farm Market of Niles, Michigan. “For us it looks official and the placement of the sign in proximity to the intersection is just right.”

MDOT has designated Michigan Logos, Inc. to implement the signage program.  Michigan Logos has assisted over 750 customers with more than 1400 signs across the state since the Program started in 1997. They take care of design, sign placement and maintenance. Contact their office at 517-337-2267 for more information. 

Michigan State University Extension and Product Center counselors provide free business counseling to Michigan food, agriculture, natural resources and bio-based operations. Call 517-432-8750, or visit our website.

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