How to select and care for poinsettias

Michigan produced nearly 2.4 million poinsettia plants last year. Try these tips to enjoy beautiful, fresh poinsettias this holiday season.

Since the 1800’s poinsettias have been a special feature of our American Christmas and other holiday decorating. When you purchase a poinsettia in Michigan, there is a good chance it was grown within the state as Michigan ranked seventh nationally in 2010 poinsettia production.

A new tip sheet has been developed at Michigan State University about caring for poinsettias. It answers frequently asked questions such as: Are poinsettias poisonous? (No, is the answer to that one.) How do I select a poinsettia? What kind should I buy? How do I care for poinsettias in my home? Can I get my poinsettia to re-bloom next year? Read the tip sheet and get other advice about plants and gardening at MSU Extension’s Gardening in Michigan website.

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