Impacts made in Gladwin County through Michigan State University Extension

Across the state, Michigan State University Extension is helping youth, adults and communities grow and prosper. Let’s take a look at how Gladwin County made impacts through Extension programs in 2016.

Michigan State University Extension is developing youth, families and communities through a variety of different ways. Helping youth succeed, supporting career exploration and developing life skills through experiences are the heart of the children and youth programs.

In 2016, MSU Extension staff in Gladwin County worked with many community partners such as the SPARKS afterschool program in Beaverton Schools. Teaching important nutrition and financial literacy and healthy living concepts reached over 60 youth grades first through sixth.

Teaming up with the Beaverton Activity Center and a grant from the SHOPKO foundation, a Junior Master Gardener Program was held for six weeks, teaching youth about gardening and eating healthy, and they had the opportunity to grow their own garden.

Partnering with the local 4-H Leaders Council, 14 youth attended a three-week session on Build Your Future – Choices, Connections and Careers. The Gladwin County youth leadership program reached 10 more youth as they attended a five-month program on developing leadership styles and learning many leadership roles. This was the sixth annual youth program reaching over 60 youth.

With 13 active 4-H clubs in the county, over 360 youth learned about a variety of 4-H projects. Ninety volunteers were screened and trained to provide the positive youth development.

Ensuring safe and secure food while keeping people healthy, MSU Extension in Gladwin County worked with many local agencies to provide nutritional education and resources. Approximately 563 people in Gladwin County received nutritional instruction this past year. As part of the nutrition instruction, MSU Extension also hosted food preservation classes and tested pressure canners.

The Gladwin County Master Gardener Program put in 493 hours of volunteer service to the community that was worth over $11,000 in time and economic value.

Strong communities are built through teaching local officials about planning and zoning, as well as helping families stay in their homes. MSU Extension staff provided Money Management and Rent Smart classes to the New Dawn Shelter in Gladwin. Twenty people from Gladwin County became better renters and 15 residents learned how to better manage their money.

MSU Extension promotes making the most of our natural assets through a variety of programs. In 2016, MSU Extension hosted a program on woodlot management. Twelve people attended the evening session, which was followed by a half-day in the field.

Supporting food and agriculture in Gladwin County is also an area where MSU Extension has a rich and diverse history serving residents for the past 100 years. MSU Extension educators and specialists provided hands-on learning, research-based education and awareness of Michigan agriculture. In 2016, over 141 people attended seven events from soil health to precision farming, grazing and grass fed beef producers.

The complete Gladwin County Annual Report can be found on the Gladwin County MSU Extension website.

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