Importance of delegation in business

Save time, accomplish more and grow your business through delegation.

While starting and building a business you will often be required to be the jack of all trades. You may be in charge of manufacturing, sales, marketing, finances, distribution and whatever else comes up on a daily basis. Keeping up with everything is not only overwhelming, but can be detrimental to you and the business. Learning how to effectively delegate responsibilities will save you time, allow you to accomplish more and will help grow your business.

Successful delegation allows you to hand over tasks to others whose skills are better aligned to accomplish that specific task. Passing off tasks allows you the time to reflect, develop strategies and prepare for what is ahead. To be an effective leader you need to be able to work on your business rather than in it and the proper delegation will allow you to do this.

The benefits of delegation go well beyond company leaders. The development of employees and team members is also at risk without delegation. Some employees have certain skills and aptitudes that can be developed and coached up. Assigning them new tasks encourages them to trust in their abilities and take on new responsibilities along with empowering them to develop their skills.

The theory of delegation seems rational and beneficial so what stops leaders from delegating? According to North Carolina State University, the main reason that leaders don’t delegate is that they feel they don’t have enough time. This short-sided approach allows leaders to complete tasks quicker than training employees, but hurts the company in the long run. Another reason leaders are hesitant to delegate is a potential loss of control. It can be frightening to trust someone else with one of your responsibilities. What if they don’t take it seriously or don’t do a good job? Through the transition, it will be important for the leader to develop the needed qualities in the employee as well as communicate clearly what is expected. Trust that your employees and team members are exceedingly capable.

Although delegation doesn’t come naturally to most, it is vital to helping your company grow. To become an effective delegator, leaders must recognize what is stopping them from delegating, identify what tasks can be delegated, find the right person to complete the task and fully prepare them to take on the task. Delegation allows businesses to thrive by providing more time to grow the business. 

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