Important information about Furadan (carbofuran)

Editor’s note: This article is from the archives of the MSU Crop Advisory Team Alerts. Check the label of any pesticide referenced to ensure your use is included.

24c Label for Furadan on cucumbers extended

For the last five years, Michigan has had a 24c label (state issued use) for Furadan 4F on cucurbits. As decisions were made about the fate of Furadan in general, that label expired. But there are still some cukes growers with the product. Thus, last week the Michigan Department of Agriculture extended the Furadan/ Cucurbit 24C label until December 31, 2009. If you grow cukes and used Furadan in the past at planting, that use is still legal this summer.

Michigan 24c details:

Crops: cucurbits (cucumber, melons, squash, pumpkins) for cucumber beetle control

Used: At planting in-furrow or as a band over the row

Rate: 2.4 oz per 1,000 feet of row

Thank you to Brian Verhougstraete, the Pesticide Registration Manager with MDA, for extending the 24C.

Use up furadan this summer

More importantly, most Furadan uses on food crops are being cancelled and all Furadan tolerances on food crops expire December 31, 2009, based on EPA’s assessment of cumulative exposure of children to carbofuran.

If you are a grower, take a few minutes to check your storage facility for Furadan 4F. If you find some, use it up this summer. If you are a commercial dealer, check your shelves to see if you have any product. If you do, apply it or sell it this summer, and make sure customers know they have to use it up this season. Using up product now will prevent a grower from making a costly mistake next year. Also, it is better to use up product on-farm than to ship half-full containers back to FMC next year, or have Furadan end up at a Clean Sweep down the road.

Here is web site for more information on EPA’s decision:

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