Imprelis update for late summer 2013

New Imprelis fact sheet shares how to deal with trees and landscapes affected by Imprelis herbicide.

Purdue Extension has released a new fact sheet on dealing with trees and landscapes affected by Imprelis herbicide. Recommendations in the fact sheet are based on soil and plant material testing conducted by the office of the Indiana State Chemist and Purdue University.

Among some of the key findings: soil tests conducted in landscapes treated with Imprelis in 2011 did not yield quantifiable levels of Imprelis. This indicates that Imprelis in affected landscapes has broken down to the point that it should be safe to replant these areas.

On the other hand, mulch made by grinding Imprelis-affected trees significantly affected growth and development of tomato plants in greenhouse trials. Therefore, debris from Imprelis-affected trees should be disposed of and not used for mulch.

Read the fact sheet: 2013 Imprelis Update: Tree Maintenance, Replacement, and Disposal

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