Inspired Furniture Project: On a Tangent Reception Desk

Inspired Furniture Project: On a Tangent Reception Desk by Kellie DeVries


Kellie DeVries


IDES 250 CAD & Structural Systems


The design for “On a Tangent” was inspired by the tangent lines along a sine wave. A sine wave has a unique tangent line for every point. To create this desk linear lines will be placed along a curvilinear line. Surfaces will be extruded and exaggerated to create a working surface.

“On a Tangent” has been created to satisfy one’s eyes and mind, visually and mentally. It will provide a statement for the space, drawing the clients into the correct space. This desk will be able to be used in a variety of reception spaces. For example, because of the mathematical origins it could be used as the reception desk for engineering firms or research institutions. The simple and sustainable materials, polished slate and stained maple, create an elegant feel within the space. The natural materials will allow guests to be at ease when they view the wide variety of line directions. “On a Tangent” will have the overall dimensions of 11’-8” wide, 3’10” high, and 3’-3-1/2” deep.


The project poster by Kellie DeVries features the inspiration, directive, description, technical views and rendered perspectives of her reception desk design.

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