Interview is all set, but am I?

Have you thought about preparing for that upcoming interview? Are you ready? Do you have your thoughts and ideas ready to help you answer those questions?

You’ve found the job you would like to apply for, but are you ready for a potential interview? What is an interview? Typically, an interview gives you and the person in charge of hiring a chance to sit down and meet face-to-face. Other options for interviews could include having a Zoom or Skype call, or sometimes talking over the phone. This is the time for you to “sell” yourself to the person hiring and make them see you are the best person for the job.

When working with a younger audience in teaching them how to become prepared for an interview, Michigan 4-H has some interview tips to follow:

  • Be prepared for questions they will ask you. Practice answering potential questions in front of mirror.
  • Dress for success. What to wear and how to wear it helps a lot.
  • Arrive early. Know where the interview will be held and practice driving or walking prior to the interview so you can arrive on time.
  • Make eye contact and have a professional handshake. When you meet the person you are interviewing, a good handshake means you are confident and eye contact shows attentiveness.
  • Say the right thing during the interview. This is where practice helps out with your answers. Be honest, be friendly and be polite.
  • Shake hands and say thank you after the interview. Also, a good hand-written thank-you note is important to send.

More tips and ideas on having a good job interview come from the “Winning Job Interviews” handout from Michigan 4-H.

Michigan State University Extension and the Michigan 4-H Youth Development program help to prepare young people for successful futures. As a result of career exploration and workforce preparation activities, thousands of Michigan youth are better equipped to make important decisions about their professional future, ready to contribute to the workforce and able to take fiscal responsibility in their personal lives.

To learn about the positive impact of Michigan 4-H youth career preparation, money management and entrepreneurship programs, read the 2016 Impact Report: “Preparing Michigan Youth for Future Careers and Employment.

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