Japanese beetles

Japanese beetles are emerging and soon will be devouring our favorite trees and shrubs. Some folks may need to protect their trees and shrubs, particularly roses, linden, grapes and ornamental fruit trees. Cyfluthrin and bifenthrin are still the products of choice to control Japanese beetle on ornamentals. On fruit trees and grapes, carbaryl (Sevin) at the highest labeled rate is your only hope. It is important to spray when the first beetles show up because these will emit a congregation pheromone that draws more beetles to the tree or shrub. Japanese beetle traps are another option for control. However, these traps should be placed far away from the plants you want to protect as they probably attract more beetles to the area than they catch. Giving the traps to neighbors as Christmas presents is one way to enjoy the benefits of the traps but at the same time minimizing the risks. (Just joking.)

Japanese beetle Japanese beetle
Photo 1 (left), Japanese beetle damage. Photo 2 (right), Japanese beetle.

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