Keep moving while you're at work

Different ways to exercise at work.

Many of us are working at a desk and sitting eight to ten hours a day. Even if we watch our intake of calories, sitting this long can cause long-term health problems such as a sore back, stiffness, clotting of blood and poor posture. According to Harvard Medical School sitting can contribute to heart disease, cancer, Type 2 Diabetes and premature death.

 Chris Crawford, a wellness writer for the AAFP news, suggests that prolonged sitting is harmful to one’s health. She states that it is important to move while in the office, whether we exercise before or after work. As a renowned exercise fitness coach, she has developed a program just moving one to five minutes per hour that not only will keep you fit and mentally active, but also reduce the possibility of chronic disease and chronic pain.

While at work, you must unglue yourself from your chair. This does not mean finding an exercise class at lunch, but get up and move around for a couple of minutes every hour. This stretching and moving will invigorate you. Try standing in your office putting your hands above your head, stretching as far as you can go.

Jacquelyn Smith, a staff writer for Forbes/Leadership magazine, has an article “10 Best Exercises to Do at Your Desk”. They are simple and can be done without changing from your professional attire. Squats, stretches and lifting your legs will give you an opportunity to be more motivated both mentally and physically.

Michigan State University Extension knows we all want to be more productive, but if sitting is all we do, in the future our unhealthy lifestyle will overcome our success in our work.

For more tips on health and nutrition visit Michigan State University Extension.

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