Kerb SC labeled for leaf lettuce

New supplemental label approved by EPA.

US EPA has approved a supplemental label for use of Kerb SC on leaf lettuce. This is a federal label for all areas where the Kerb Section 3 label for lettuce is effective. Kerb has been the primary preemergence herbicide for seeded head lettuce for many years, and now it may be used on leaf lettuce also. 

The label allows application of 1.25 - 5 pints of Kerb SC herbicide (0.5 - 2 lb active ingredient) per season. Kerb gives good control of many grass and broadleaf weeds on mineral soils. Higher rates than allowed by the label are needed to obtain sufficient weed control on high-organic soil. The current Kerb SC Michigan 24c label for head lettuce allows use of up to 6 lb ai per acre per year. That label remains in effect for head lettuce.  

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