Landscape architecture as a career option

Explore landscape architecture as a career that allows you to be creative in designing various types of land.

Are you a student who enjoys nature and designing things? If you have the duty or a job cutting grass, do you ever think to yourself how you can make the landscape of the lawn more appealing? Do you see open fields, parks, city blocks or land in general and think of ways you can create a design for people to enjoy the scenery? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be interested in a career as a landscape architect.

Becoming a landscape architect requires a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Michigan State University offers the following degrees in the Landscape Architecture Program in the School of Planning, Design, and Construction:

As a student, take the classes in high school that will allow you to practice these skills along with classes in math, science and art (for the design skills in landscape architecture). To get a general idea of the classes that will prepare you for landscape architecture, look over the degree requirements. Another option outside of the classroom is to check into joining a 4-H club that has a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) focus for youth.

To learn about the skills related to landscape architecture, students can learn how to use the different tools that landscape architects use. In “Landscape Architect Tools” by Jeffrey Joyner, Demand Media, in the Houston Chronicle, four types of tools are given that landscape architects use. They are categorized as hardware, software, business and modeling tools.

To continue in your journey to explore landscape architecture as a career field, Michigan State University Extension recommends meeting with your high school counselor to let them know about your possible interest. Also, try exploring the possibilities of a job shadowing opportunity through your high school, career center or a certified career preparation program.

As a student, take advantage of the possible opportunities that are out there for you to explore and prepare for a career in landscape architecture.

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