Late planting corn? Replanting corn?

Keep track of your traits as you make planting decisions.

Many corn acres are yet to be planted here in Michigan – only 41 percent left to plant as of May 29. Many well thought out plans are being scrapped as corn growers are making the switch from longer season hybrids to shorter season hybrids. Don’t just focus on days to maturity. It is also important to keep track of the traits in the newly acquired short day hybrids.

Liberty Link versus Roundup Ready on corn
Liberty Link (left) versus Roundup Ready (right) on corn.

The corn on the left in this photo is glufosinate resistant (Liberty Link) and the corn on the right is glyphosate resistant (Roundup Ready). The entire field was treated with glyphosate postemergence. While it may seem like every hybrid is glyphosate tolerant, and in fact many are, there are still hybrids on the market that are not.

Insect refuge areas must be planted if the hybrid has a Bt Trait. There are a few hybrids that have the Refuge already in the bag and do not require a separately planted refuge area. See the Handy Bt Table by Chris DiFonzo of MSU and Eileen Cullen of University of Wisconsin for more details on required refuge areas.

One last nagging Extension agent piece of advice: Whether you are working late into the night to get those last corn acres in, or pulling a tractor out of the mud, remember to keep safety a priority!

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