Launching a new business

Gain valuable information for starting a new business by participating in an in-depth program called FastTrac. This proven curriculum provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a plan and framework to be successful.

Do you have an idea you want to explore to add more profit to your farm operation? Whether you want to add value, a new enterprise or expand what you are already doing, take note that during this summer an exciting, in-depth, 10-week training program is available to help you be successful with your venture. The program is FastTrac. It guides individuals through the process of developing viable business plans for their ventures. The participants will meet once a week for three hours filled with instruction, guest speakers, group interaction and individual assistance.

Participants will learn how to take stock of their resources, gain knowledge about the legal terrain and develop skills in management, marketing and financial analysis. The program uses a proven curriculum refined by the Kauffman Foundation that has already helped more than 300,000 entrepreneurs start and grow businesses since 1993. It allows you to test drive your ideas on paper and get critical review from a team of resource people before making major investments.

The instructors and resource people will be MSU Extension educators, MSU Product Center counselors, Small Business and Technology Development Center staff, local businessmen and local professionals including lawyers, CPA's, business consultants and other successful entrepreneurs.

The program is not limited to just farm related ventures, but is applicable for any business idea you may have. It will start in early July and take place in Greenville, Michigan. Call the Gratiot MSU Extension office at 989-875-5233 for more details and program fees.

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