Leadership in 4-H can jumpstart a career in accounting and other related fields

Careers can be built from skills youth learn through serving in different leadership roles in 4-H. Let’s explore the link between a 4-H treasurer and careers in accounting and other related fields.

In 4-H, youth have the opportunity to serve in different roles to assist their 4-H club and their community. Officer’s roles in 4-H clubs are president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and some clubs may have a historian. In each officer’s role, 4-H youth members learn different skills. Some of the skills that 4-H officers learn can lead to a career.

So, attention all 4-H treasurers! Have you realized that the skills you are learning through keeping records of finances can lead to a career in accounting, finance or some other business field? In Helping You Help Officers and Committees from Michigan 4-H Youth Development, the treasurer is responsible for taking care of the club’s finances. Some of the duties of treasurers in a 4-H club are handling money, keeping accurate records of the income (money that comes to the club) and expenses (bills that the club pays to vendors and other businesses), presenting a report of the income and expenses at each meeting, and preparing the Annual Summary Financial Report to turn in to the county Michigan State University Extension office.

Developing a passion for this kind of skill can be transferred to businesses, corporations and nonprofit agencies. This skill can lead to a career in accounting and auditing. At Michigan State University, the Eli Broad College of Business offers a major in accounting for students to pursue a Bachelor’s degree (4-year degree) through the Department of Accounting and Information Systems. This department offers graduate opportunities for students to receive a Master of Science in Accounting with four areas of specialization which are taxation, information systems, financial reporting and assurance services and management accounting; students may also receive a Ph.D. in accounting as well.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for accountants and auditors is $61,690. Some other occupations related to accounting and auditing are budget analysts, cost estimators, financial analysts, financial examiners, financial managers, management analysts and personal finance advisors. Like accountants and auditors, these careers require a Bachelor’s degree for entry-level positions. There are careers related to accounting and auditing that do not require a Bachelor’s degree like bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks.

The Michigan 4-H Treasurer’s Record Book is a resource from Michigan 4-H Youth Development to help youth manage finances for their 4-H club. As a 4-H member, take on this type of leadership role not only to build leadership skills, but also for the career skills that are gained and the career paths that can be explored.

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