Learning about academic support on college visits

Consider a visit to the center(s) that offer any type of assistance or support for academics during a college visit.

Youth of all ages may already have plans to attend college. They have hopes and dreams of pursuing a career and realize that a college degree is needed to be eligible for getting a job in that career field. As students, youth can be exposed to college at any age. As they get older or begin to start high school, they can begin to start taking visits to different colleges/universities to help them make a decision on where to attend to acquire a college degree. During college visits, Michigan State University Extension recommends that students learn about service learning centers to get involved in civic engagement, career centers to prepare for their career and study abroad centers to visit other countries for educational visits during college. In addition to these centers, there are many other centers to assist students during their college experience.

If students need help navigating through certain classes, they can check into a center or centers that offer some kind of academic support. Academic support can consist of assistance in tutoring, test-taking strategies, skills to manage the college experience, and other support services to enhance skills to help students be successful in college. Students making college visits can check into general academic support services at the college/university or they can check and see if the academic department in their potential major has academic support services as well. For example, Michigan State University has academic support services and resources to help students enrolled at the university in the Undergraduate University Division.

As students are making college visits they should try to make an attempt to visit some type of center for academic support. During a visit, consider asking the following questions:

  • How do I sign up for the services that academic support provides?
  • Are academic advising services offered?
  • What types of tutoring services are offered?
  • Are there seminars and workshops offered to help students learn about being successful in college?

Students can prepare for their success in college by exploring the type of academic support the college/university offers. Making good grades is important for a student’s future. Good grades in college can pave the way for jobs and help students get accepted into graduate or professional school after a four-year bachelor’s degree. Make every effort to uncover and utilize the services that are offered for academic success in college before you need them.

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