Make it a New Year’s resolution to gain sound money management tips

Youth can use a 4-H resource to learn important money management skills for their future.

Have you wondered what you are going to do when you finish high school? Have you decided what you would like to do for your career? Have you thought of making money and wondered how to manage it correctly? Whatever you end of up doing long-term, money will be involved and you will need to understand how to manage it in a way that will make you successful for the rest of your life. According to Michigan State University Extension, in order to be successful making decisions and practicing money management for yourself are important skills to learn.

The Michigan Jumpstart Coalition mission is that “all young people will have access to personal financial education in order to develop the necessary skills to be financially competent upon graduation from high school.” Resources shared for all ages can be found on the website.

To be prepared to manage your money, you need to know how to talk about money, learn to set new goals and be successful, and learn what needs and wants are. It may seem overwhelming and new, but with practice and exposure, you can learn how to be in charge of your finances!

There is a resource available through the National 4-H curriculum called Money Fun-damentals,  a youth guide for learning about money that can help you learn about these important topics. The information in the workbook will help you explore these topics and learn important financial terms so you can speak the language!

Each workbook activity ends with questions to help you think about what you have learned and how to apply to other parts of your life. This is called the Experiential Learning Model. Adults who work with youth might also want to use Money Fun-damentals in working with youth groups. This guide is geared towards youth in grades seven through eight.

To be a good financial manager, you have to be responsible for your own actions and behavior.

Michigan 4-H Youth programs can help 4-H members learn how to become financially responsible. For further information on financial literacy or other 4-H programs, visit MSU Extension.

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