Manure records: they won’t kill you, it just feels like it

Get a free record-keeping book from MSU Extension to organize your fall manure hauling.

There are documented cases where a farmer’s manure hauling records saved them time, money and even a court case. To help achieve these records, Michigan State University Extension has a free, pocket size record-keeping book that has all the requirements to be in compliance with Michigan Right-to-Farm guidelines for manure hauling.

Once you’ve recorded manure hauling this fall, the records can also be useful in calculating expected nutrient credit toward the 2012 crop season. It is best to team these up with a current manure sample, so take one of those while hauling manure this fall as well. Manure samples should be as representative of what is going on in the field as possible, so take them after all mixing and agitation has occurred. Put the sample in a non-breakable plastic container, leaving some headspace to freeze the sample prior to mailing to a laboratory. When you submit the sample, be sure to ask for BOTH ammonium and organic N testing.

If you’d like a free manure record-keeping book, please email Natalie Rector or call her at 269-781-0908. 

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