March is National Nutrition Month

Prepare for a healthier March.

March is a great month to re-focus on health. The days are getting longer and the temperatures will soon be improving. March is a great month to get active with exercise and physical activity routines. Michigan State University Extension suggests these resources to prepare for a healthy spring:

  • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics offers helpful tips on making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits: 
    • Sensible snacking ideas – how to choose high protein, low sugar snacks for weight management
    • Calorie intake – get the best calorie intake by choosing the most nutritionally packed foods you can from each of the five MyPlate food groups every day
  • Healthy tips from MyPlate’s March is Nutrition Month spotlight  include:
    • How to eat healthy
    • How to create vegetarian menus
    • How to eat healthy while eating meals outside of the home
    • Easy tips to improve your physical activity
  • March reminders from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) include:
      • Get a flu vaccination - for all individuals, but especially those with chronic conditions and individuals with diabetes (Type 1 and 2); even when well-managed, these individuals are still at a high risk of serious flu complications such as hospitalization and even death.
      • Get your travel health tips from the CDC – going on Spring Break? Prepare for a healthy and safe vacation through the CDC’s Spring Break Health and Safety Tips.
  • WebMD suggests these March allergy prevention and management tips:
    • March is allergy season! WebMD offers a guide for spring allergies and how to prepare for their onset. This site offers tips on how to avoid, treat and manage oncoming spring allergies.

For more tips on healthy eating, physical activity, chronic disease and diabetes visit

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