Master Gardener recognized for over 1,500 hours of volunteer community garden service

Jeannette Hauver earned special recognition for her volunteer garden service of creating and maintaining 13 different flower gardens in Marquette, Michigan.

Jeannette Hauver with one of her many flower gardens at Park Cemetery. Photo: Rebecca Krans, MSU Extension
Jeannette Hauver with one of her many flower gardens at Park Cemetery. Photo: Rebecca Krans, MSU Extension

Jeannette Hauver, a Michigan State University Extension Advanced Master Gardener since 1995, was recently recognized for her contribution of over 1,500 hours of volunteer service. She is one of 350 Master Gardeners recognized by the Michigan Master Gardener Program for their service in improving communities and lives of individuals through gardening. Each of these individuals were awarded a unique gold Master Gardener volunteer name badge that signifies they’ve contributed 1,000 or more volunteer hours. Hauver has actually contributed over 1,600 volunteer hours since becoming a Master Gardener.

Hauver’s Master Gardener project is within Park Cemetery in Marquette, Michigan, where she created and maintains at least 13 different flower gardens within 113 acres. The gardens are a welcoming addition to the cemetary because visitors can enjoy their colorful blooms throughout the entire growing season.

Throughout the years, Hauver has involved elementary students by inviting them to the gardens, teaching them about the plants and insects, and having them help with plantings. Hauver holds weekly garden maintenance meetings where she and other Master Gardeners and trainees help anyone interested in learning about caring for plants within the gardens. The city continues to assist with many of the gardens through supplying mulch and automatic irrigation.

The Master Gardener Program is open to anyone interested in learning more about gardening and has a passion for volunteering and sharing gardening knowledge within the communities. In order to gain certification, you must first complete a 14-week educational course, followed by 40 volunteer hours of gardening education service in a community setting.

Visit the Michigan Master Gardener Program website if you would like to know more. Statewide classes typically begin in August, January or March, and Master Gardener Program online registration is open at least two months in advance.

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