Michigan 4-H community gardens need your help!

Use your craftsmanship, creativity, and expert skills to create signs for three 4-H gardens across the state.

Michigan 4-H allows youth to explore a variety of project areas based on their interests. Many youth and volunteers are interested in gardening, plants, soil and crops. A number are also interested in healthy food options and increasing food security. As a result, there is an increase in community gardens in Michigan, especially in urban areas. To help support these interests and efforts, Michigan 4-H was fortunate to receive a grant from the Walmart Foundation. With the funds, the 4-H Healthy Habits program was able to provide mini-grants to Michigan counties and several used the grants for gardening programs.

Michigan 4-H healthy living supports three gardens that are managed by 4-H staff, volunteers and youth members. Two of the gardens are located in Macomb County and the other is located in Muskegon County. At this time, the gardens do not have any signage to explain the history, funding source or who they belong to. Michigan 4-H would like to acknowledge the Walmart Foundation and also the hard work of all its volunteers and members by establishing a sign for all current and future 4-H gardens. As a result, we are looking for help in creating garden signs for each 4-H garden across the state. 

Michigan 4-H is looking for individuals or clubs that might be interested in designing and creating permanent long-term signs for three youth gardens (perhaps more to come as well!). Our 4-H gardens were planted by youth and volunteers and we want to be able to inform the community about these excellent projects by having a sign for each of the gardens. If you would like to use your craftsmanship, creativity, and expert skills in helping to create signs – or if you know of anyone that might be interested – please reach out to the contact below.

Supplies and funding for this project are available through Michigan State University Extension’s Walmart Foundation – Michigan 4-H Healthy Habits grant. For more information, please contact Kea Norrell-Aitch at 586-469-6264 or knboyd@anr.msu.edu.

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