Michigan Fresh website and fact sheets a wealth of information

Michigan Fresh provides helpful information for selection, storage, and preserving our great state’s produce.

When you visit the local Farmers Market, do you ever wonder what all of those green leafy vegetables are? Do you ask yourself, “However would I prepare that so that I could eat it?” These are just some of the questions Michigan State University (MSU) Extension educators hope they have answered in the new Michigan Fresh Food Fact Sheets.

When you visit your local farmers market, do you ever wonder what to do with all of the fruits and vegetables that are being grown in our great state? Michigan State University (MSU) Extension Educators are hoping to answer your questions with the Michigan Fresh Fact Sheets.

Michigan Fresh Fact Sheets feature produce grown in Michigan, highlighting information about selecting quality, fresh products, storage tips and information on food preservation. There are additional fact sheets sharing information on gardening, lawn care, meat, fish, eggs, nuts and more. Many of these fact sheets are available in Spanish and Arabic.

These fact sheets can be found in a variety of locations across the state. MSU Extension Educators and Master Gardner’s display and demonstrate valuable, research-based educational materials and resources throughout the summer months at farmers market. Consumers can also go to the MSU Extension website and visit the Michigan Fresh page to print off the Food Fact Sheet that interest them. Consumers can also visit their local MSU Extension office to pick up the Fact Sheets they would like to read.

The educators who wrote these documents wanted to help consumers learn ways to use the great resources of Michigan. Visit a farm market or farm stand this summer, look for something new to try with your family. Utilize the Michigan Fresh Fact Sheets to help ensure you are storing and preserving you produce safely.

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