Michigan hops update - late Summer 2013

Michigan hops industry continues to thrive.

In the last three weeks, Michigan State University Extension organized and held several hops-related workshops. The first, held at the Southwest Michigan Research and Extension Center, was an informative educational session with a focus on hops varieties, pest and disease management, cost of production, and a unique Northeast perspective offered by Dr. Heather Darby, Associate Professor of Agronomy from the University of Vermont. The second workshop was held at the Northwest Michigan Horticulture Research Center near Traverse City. The event included a tour of several new and established hop farm operations and processing facilities. Finally, in conjunction with the Michigan Brewers Guild, MSU Extension hosted a brewer/grower tour with dozens of brewers from across Michigan. This tour, which will be repeated annually, allowed brewers to meet several Michigan hops farmers on their farms and receive a “close-up and personal” tour of Michigan hops farms.

MSU Extension is again developing a hops program for Great Lakes Expo, December 10-12, 2013 in Grand Rapids, Mich. The session will be a Hops 201 session, with a keynote speaker and grower from the Pacific Northwest. Hops will also be a featured crop at MSU’s annual Integrated Pest Management Academy in early 2014 as well. Please remember to visit MSU’s Hops Webpage for updates and program information.

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