Michigan State University Extension and Michigan 4-H share new research guide for global challenges

A new library research guide has been released to help young people complete research for their World Food Prize Michigan Youth Institute global challenge paper.

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World Food Prize Michigan Youth Institute (WFPMIYI) is an event and educational experience that brings together youth participants, youth development staff members, and Michigan State University (MSU) faculty and staff researching, studying or engaged in the work of food sustainability and global issues. Young people, in grades 7-12, learn about a country other than their own by writing a 3–5-page global challenge paper. Problem-solving, decision-making and researching are all skills used in the world of work that employers look for in potential employees. It is important to help young people develop research skills and be able to express their opinion appropriately as an employability skill.

Developed in partnership with MSU Librarian Suzi Teghtmeyer, we now have a MSU Libraries Research Guide for WFPMIYI. A research guide is an online tool “created by MSU librarians that provide lists of resources and search strategies for finding information on specific subjects.”

The WFPMIYI research guide is filled with credible, reliable and accessible research and data sites for young people to use while learning about the country and global challenge paper of which they have chosen to write. There are 20 different global challenge topics to choose from and each one has their own set of resources to browse and study. They include:

This is going to be an invaluable resource for young people, teachers and mentors involved in WFPMIYI. It is potentially useful for other related types of work and study as well. From census information to United State Department of Agriculture, United Nations and the World Bank Open Knowledge Repository, the gate is wide open to learn about one’s chosen global challenge topic. If anyone has questions about this research guide or the links, our resourceful librarian Suzi may be contacted by email at teghtmey@msu.edu or by phone at 517-884-0894. You may also check the WFPMIYI page for online orientation opportunities.

For questions about the WFPMIYI, contact either of the Michigan Youth Institute coordinators; Brian Wibby at wibby@msu.edu or 906-251-1417; or Deb Barrett at smithde6@msu.edu or 269-240-1986.

Michigan State University Extension and Michigan 4-H Youth Development help to prepare young people for successful futures. For more information or resources on career exploration, workforce preparation, financial education or entrepreneurship, email us at 4-HCareerPrep@anr.msu.edu.

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