MSU Extension Celebrates Septic Smart Week with free webinar

This free, live statewide webinar will provide homeowners and businesses with important information to protect an important resource – their onsite waste water system

Water makes up 75 percent of the Earth’s surface; the human body is 60 percent water.  We use water every day.  And then we discard it down the drain to . . . WHERE?

According to the Michigan 21st Infrastructure report, 70 percent of Michigan homes and businesses are connected to a municipal sewer system that collects the dirty water in huge underground pipes, takes it to a treatment plant where it is cleaned, filtered and sanitized before being sent back into local water bodies for reuse.

That leaves 30 percent of homes and businesses that use another system for waste water treatment. For these, onsite wastewater (septic) systems are the only option because a municipal sewer system is too costly to connect to or not available.

What do you know about your waste water treatment?

  • Are you on a septic or municipal system?
  • Where is your septic tank and drain field located?
  • When was the last time you had your septic system inspected?
  • Do you have a drinking water well?
  • Is your well near your septic system?
  • What are some easy actions to protect your septic system from failure and your wellhead from contamination?

Many home and business owners don’t realize there is a problem with their septic system or well until it becomes a major one. A failed system can cost the owner thousands of dollars to repair, if it is even possible, or replace. 

Michigan State University Extension is hosting a live webinar, “Septic (Onsite Wastewater) System Maintenance and Wellhead Protection” on Thursday, Sept. 20 from 3 to 4 p.m. This program will cover what a septic system is, how it works, best management practices to protect the system, how to identify trouble in the system, steps to take if a problem occurs and alternative system options. It also will include basic information about drinking water wellhead protection. The presentations will be followed by a live question and answer session via the chat box. 

To join this FREE webinar, you must pre-register

You will receive a confirmation email with login instructions upon registration. Registration is available right up until the webinar begins but please allow additional time to connect to the webinar.

For more information on managing waste, special considerations for planting over a septic system drainfield, the safety of flushable wipes on a septic system, managing systems in sensitive shoreline areas, and alternatives to conventional septic systems, a number of MSU Extension news articles are available concerning these topics or visit the MSUE Septic System Education webpage

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