Surviving the dry spell: MSU Extension's drought website provides vital resources

Drought conditions are always troubling, but MSU Extension resources are available to help producers and landowners make the best management decisions for them.

Screenshot of Drought website.

In the face of drought conditions and its adverse effects on growing conditions in 2012, Michigan State University Extension took several steps to support farmers, gardeners and landowners in managing drought conditions. This included the creation of the MSU Extension Drought Resource website, which continues to be a comprehensive resource hub. This site offers valuable information, practical strategies and innovative solutions for managing drought-related challenges in a variety of cropping systems, turf and gardens. While experts are not yet predicting a drought as extreme as 2012, some areas of the state have already hit drought status, which makes this site a relevant resource for current conditions.

Growers of all cropping systems, nurseries and gardens can find useful, scientifically backed information with topics ranging from plant to pest management in dry conditions. A list of relevant tools, such as the United States Department of Agriculture Drought Monitor, can also be found on the site.


In addition to this website, MSU Enviroweather’s degree-day feature, historical data archive and crop-specific models are also insightful and useful tools to monitor current drought conditions, weigh other potential risks and plan ahead.

As little precipitation is predicted in the immediate forecast, growers, gardeners and land managers could all use a helping hand, and the MSU Extension Drought website remains a valuable resource for these present challenges.

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