MSU Livestock Judging Team Wins at SLE

The MSU Livestock Judging Team "Green Team" won the contest and every division at the Southeastern Livestock Exposition Montgomery, Alabama.

Livestock judging team

Eleven teams competed with 57 total team members. Top 10's included:

Champion Team Overall Michigan State University

  • High Individual Overall Lauren Ott
  • 3rd Overall Individual Nate Ernst
  • 4th Overall Individual Brandon Goering
  • 5th Overall Individual Kimmi Jodoin
  • 8th Overall Individual Ethan Douglass
  • 10th Overall Individual Abbie Walkowe

Champion Team Oral Reasons

  • High Individual Reasons Lauren Ott
  • 2nd Individual Reasons Kimmi Jodoin
  • 3rd Individual Reasons Brandon Goering
  • 4th Individual Reasons Nate Ernst
  • 7th Individual Reasons Abbie Walkowe

Champion Team in Cattle

  • High Individual Cattle  Lauren Ott
  • 2nd Individual Cattle Brandon Goering
  • 3rd Individual Cattle Nate Ernst
  • 8th Individual Cattle Ethan Douglass

Champion Team Sheep/Goats

  • 3rd Individual Sheep Nate Ernst
  • 6th Individual Sheep Abbie Walkowe
  • 8th Individual Sheep Ethan Douglass
  • 9th Individual Sheep Lauren Ott
  • 10th Individual Sheep Kimmi Jodoin

Champion Team Swine

  • 2nd Individual Swine Lauren Ott
  • 3rd Individual Swine Brandon Goering
  • 4th Individual Swine Nate Ernst
  • 9th Individual Swine Kimmi Jodoin

In addition, the “Michigan State White” team finished 7th overall.

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