MSU Students Shine at Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference

Five MSU students placed in the Undergraduate and Graduate Student Research Showcase.

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MSU Animal Science students were among the awardees at the 2019 Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference, which was held April 22-29 in Fort Wayne, Ind. 

PhD: 2nd.  Crystal Prom, Michigan State University (Abomasal infusion of different exogenous emulsifiers alters fatty acid digestibility and milk fat yield of lactating dairy cows)

MS: 2nd. Alycia Burch, Michigan State University (Effect of palmitic acid-enriched supplements containing stearic or oleic acid on nutrient digestibility and production responses of low and high producing dairy cows)

MS: 3rd. Julie Opgenorth, Michigan State University (Colostrum supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids and α-tocopherol decreases indicators of oxidative stress and alters plasma fatty acid profile in newborn calves during the first week of life)

Undergrad: 1st. Ariana Negreiro, Michigan State University (The effect of supplemental amino acids and fatty acids on the yield of milk and milk components of mid- to late-lactation dairy cows)

Undergrad 2nd. Ursula Abou-Rjeileh, Michigan State University Altering the ratio of dietary palmitic and oleic acids impacts nutrient digestibility and energy intake in early lactation dairy cows)

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