MSU Dairy Store launches ‘Name the Bowl Flavor’ contest

With flavors like Final Four Fudge Dribble and Hoosier Strawberry, it only makes sense that the Michigan State University (MSU) Dairy Store adds a flavor celebrating college football bowl season.

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EAST LANSING, Mich.—With flavors like Final Four Fudge Dribble, Hoosier Strawberry, Illini Orange Cream, Purdue Tracks and Nittany Whiteout and other flavors paying homage to the schools of the Big Ten, it only makes sense that the Michigan State University (MSU) Dairy Store adds a flavor celebrating college football bowl season.

This flavor, however, will be added by fans of both the Spartans and the MSU Dairy Store.

The Spartans, led by Coach Mark Dantonio, are on track to one of their most successful football seasons in recent history. This, combined with the MSU Dairy Store’s allegiance to Spartan athletics and a desire to celebrate team successes, led MSU Dairy Store manager John Engstrom to suggest a contest to name the next “bowl” flavor.

Launched last week on the MSU Dairy Store’s Facebook fan page ( and pushed out on Twitter (, Engstrom says they’ve already received entries.

“Our goal is to make it fun for everyone,” said Engstrom, who said he’s a big fan of Dantonio’s trick plays that have led to wins against Notre Dame and Northwestern. “Ice cream and Spartan football: What could be more fun?”

MSU athletic director Mark Hollis agrees.

“Spartan football and the MSU Dairy Store have a lot in common,” he says. “They’re hallmarks of Michigan State University and mark our history, as well as our future.”

 Hollis will assist in judging the entries, Engstrom says.

The MSU Dairy Store has two campus locations: Anthony Hall and the MSU Union. Thirty-two flavors are featured at the Anthony Hall location, 20 flavors are featured at the MSU Union location, all on a rotating basis. The MSU Dairy Store’s mission is to provide hands on experience for students producing top-quality ice cream and cheese and serves as an important resource for the dairy and food processing industries in Michigan to aid in the training of regulatory personnel, food plant managers and other processing industry professionals.

Anyone may enter the contest. Entries should include the flavor idea and a name. The winner will receive a punch card for free ice cream at either of the MSU Dairy Store’s two locations. If the winner is not local, Engstrom says they’ll ship the flavor to the winner.

“What fun would it be if you didn’t even get to taste your great idea?” he says.

Entries may be submitted until November 30, 2010, via e-mail only to

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