Mustang Max on Michigan beets

Editor’s note: This article is from the archives of the MSU Crop Advisory Team Alerts. Check the label of any pesticide referenced to ensure your use is included.  

As sugarbeet planting nears completion in Michigan, there is some confusion over which Mustang Max formulation is legal on the crop in the state. Let me clarify….


Mustang Max EC (emulsifiable concentrate), EPA Reg # 279-3327, is not legal for use in Michigan. The Mustang Max EC label does not list sugarbeets. Some beet-growing states have issued a Section 24c Special Local Needs exemption to use the EC formulation on beets. Michigan has not done so.

In mid-April, there was a 2(ee) label on the FMC web site that recommended tank mixing Mustang Max EC with Roundup for foliar applications after beet emergence. The label listed many beet-growing states, including Michigan. This label was incorrect, since the EC formulation cannot be used in Michigan. FMC was notified of the error, and they corrected the label. If you have this 2ee, throw the old label away. Bottom line - do not purchase or use the EC formulation on sugarbeet.


Mustang Max EW (emulsifiable in water), EPA reg #279-3328, does list sugarbeets on the federal label. At planting, the EW rate is 4 oz per acre in-furrow or in a three to four inch T-band over the open furrow. The in-furrow application is targeted for white grubs, wireworm and cutworm. Note that sugarbeet root maggot is not present in Michigan, so applications for this insect are not necessary. Later in the season, apply 2.24 - 4 oz of EW per acre as a foliar treatment for such pests as armyworm, flea beetle, leafminers and lygus bug. EW formulations are common on fruits and vegetables where fungicide tank mixes with fungicides are applied. Much of the Mustang Max EW in Michigan was shipped in from southern states.

Although there is not a supplemental label to confirm it, I suspect the EW formulation will tank mix with Roundup for application over Round-ready beets.

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