National hop meetings on the horizon: Part two

Hop Commissions hold meetings on appropriate “Hop spray application technology”

As the demand for hops across the United States continues to grow, so has the demand for quality educational programs for hop growers and producers. As Michigan State University Extension educators, we are often posed with questions pertaining to correct timing and application of pest and disease control measures. These are very important questions for any hop grower to be asking and can have big implications vis-à-vis pest and disease control and overall net returns.

The Washington Hop Commission and the Oregon Hop Commission are hosting two “Spray Application Technology for Hop” Workshops and Field Days to specifically address these questions. Dr. Andrew Landers, a Pesticide Application Technology Specialist from Cornell University will the Guest Lecturer for the day long course. Dr. Landers specializes in precision spraying, new pesticide application technologies, and a co-author of the 2015 Cornell Integrated Hops Production Guide.

The first workshop will take place on Thursday, July 30, 2015 in Yakima, WA and the second session will take place on July 31, 2015 in Woodburn, OR. Both courses will offer both classroom and field sessions, field demonstrations, as well as a social hour and on-farm twilight hop session.

To reserve a spot for the WA workshop and field day, please RSVP to Jaki Brophy:, 509.453.4749. To reserve a spot for the OR workshop and field day please RSVP to Nancy Sites:, 503.982.7600

If you do not plan on travelling out of state this summer, please visit the MSU Extension Hops page for several Michigan State University educational programs events being offered throughout the season.

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