NCI, FBCI announce two virtual community engagement webinars in June

The National Charrette Institute and the Form-Based Codes Institute partner to deliver webinars on the topics of tools and techniques and equitable inclusion for virtual community engagement.

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How can community leaders continue to engage stakeholders and other members of the public in important local decisions when staying safe means staying home?  

The MSU National Charrette Institute and the Form-Based Codes Institute at Smart Growth America are partnering to deliver a series of webinars to provide local leaders, developers and advocates with tools and examples for staying in touch, sharing ideas, and getting interactive feedback to keep critical decisions moving forward.  

Many of these techniques, while essential in this time of separation, have the potential to engage new, hard-to-reach segments of the community, and will be useful, even beyond this current crisis.  

Join us for these free webinars and see how you can stay in touch and keep the wheels turning! 


Hear from experts and practitioners about how a range of virtual engagement tools are being used to bring citizen stakeholders into critical public policy decision making when face-to-face engagement is not an option.  

Across the country, local governments are keeping the wheels of government turning on virtual platforms, which are being utilized for polling, brainstorming and discussions, collaborative design, and public hearings. Some are finding these new methods more welcoming, making it easier for stakeholders, who were previously left out, to participate.  

Join us for a discussion on what these platforms are, how they are being used, and the promise they hold for expanding engagement in the long-term, even when face-to-face options are again possible. 

Speakers include: 

What: Tools and Techniques for Virtual Community Engagement Webinar 

When:June 2, 2020, from 2:00-3:15 p.m. EST. 

Who: Anyone involved in transforming communities and organizations – local government leaders, city and regional planners, developers, architects, land use and transportation planning consultants, and citizen advocates. 

Register: Register online today. 


One of the greatest challenges in any community engagement effort is ensuring that all stakeholder groups have a voice. Virtual tools can exclude or discourage stakeholders who do not have the resources or knowledge to participate. But they can also provide access for individuals who often have been excluded or chose not to participate.  

In this webinar, a panel of experts will explore how virtual platforms and tools can, along with other methods, bring the voices and perspectives of all groups affected into the decision-making process.  

Speakers include: 

What: Equitable Inclusion in Virtual Community Engagement Webinar 

When: June 16, 2020, from 2:00-3:15 p.m. EST. 

Who: Anyone involved in transforming communities and organizations – local government leaders, city and regional planners, developers, architects, land use and transportation planning consultants, and citizen advocates. 

Register:Register online today. 

These webinars have been submitted for 1.0 continuing education hours by the AIA, 1.0 certificate maintenance credits by AICP, and 1.0 professional development hour by the ASLA.  

To register and learn more, visit: Virtual Engagement Webinar SeriesFor more information or questions about these webinars, contact Holly Madill at or Tyler Quinn-Smith at 

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