NCI to host three webinar series on charrettes and engagement

NCI is excited to announce three webinar series on topics related to charrettes and engagement.

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NCI is dedicated to transforming the way people work together by building capacity for collaboration by design through experiential learning. Our purpose is to train and support professionals and community leaders in the practice and use of the NCI Charrette System and more broadly in quality community engagement. 

While NCI provides high-quality trainings for preparing and leading charrettes, we also believe that providing an array of educational opportunities is important. NCI is excited to announce three webinar series on topics that are related to charrettes and engagement.  

  • A two-part Online Engagement series kicks off April 28.  
  • A four-part Power of Public Participation series will take place in July, and  
  • A three-part series exploring Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will launch this fall.

Last year, you may remember that we partnered with the Form-Based Codes Institute (FBCI) to bring you a webinar on how the NCI charrette can be used to develop form-based codes.

We are partnering with FBCI again to deliver two webinars on Online Engagement that will provide local leaders, developers and advocates with tools and examples for staying in touch, sharing ideas, and getting interactive feedback to keep critical decisions moving forward in a time when staying safe means staying home.

The first webinar in this series focuses on a case study of a virtual charrette. The second webinar will focus on big picture things we need to think about before engaging online along with some tools and techniques for when we are ready.

The second webinar series on the Power of Public Participation will be presented in partnership with MSU Extension. These four highly interactive webinars will help local leaders learn the purpose for public engagement, select tools to reach diverse stakeholders, practice creative ways to interact effectively with residents, and help leaders think through how to select the best process and level of engagement. 

The last webinar series for the year, focusing on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), will launch this fall/winter to help those involved in community engagement gain awareness about bias, build lasting relationships and trust with their stakeholders, and explore using the charrette process for a DEI strategic plan.

More information about these webinar series and events will be announced soon.

Questions about the virtual charrette webinar on April 28 can be sent Holly Madill at or Tyler Quinn-Smith,

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