Needed: 4-H Healthy Living Teen Ambassadors

Are you ready to become a 4-H Healthy Living Teen Ambassador? Learn more about this exciting opportunity!

Michigan 4-H is a recipient of the Walmart Foundation Healthy Habits grant. The Healthy Habits grant requires states to have 4-H Healthy Living Teen Ambassadors who assist in the facilitation of the nutrition, gardening and physical fitness activities in a variety of counties and state programs. 4-H Healthy Living Teen Ambassadors can be current 4-H members or teens new to 4-H. If you are wondering how to get involved or become a 4-H Healthy Living Teen Ambassador, this article can help provide you with additional information.

A 4-H Healthy Living Teen Ambassador is a motivated individual who seeks to become a leader, mentor, and teacher, aspiring children and others in their community to become more healthy. They are determined and ready to take on the challenge of developing and educating youth and others. They will work closely with other teen ambassadors and their county program coordinator to develop healthy living workshops and programs. Ambassadors will also take pictures and videos to post on social media to capture their counties’ nutrition and fitness programs.

What can you gain from being a 4-H Healthy Living Teen Ambassador?

  • Being a Healthy Living Teen Ambassador allows you to gain public speaking and leadership skills.
  • Teen Ambassadors get the opportunity to lead and inspire others about being healthy through leading an activity or workshop programming for 4-H healthy living in your community or school.
  • Experience in a health-related career field and developing a readiness for the future.
  • Local and statewide nutrition and physical fitness curriculum training.

Job description/role for a 4-H Healthy Living Teen Ambassador

  • Facilitate sessions, workshops and activities utilizing the 4-H curriculum.
  • Work with 4-H program coordinators and other Teen Ambassadors on healthy programing.
  • Document/record progress in physical activity and nutrition programs.
  • Attend the Michigan Healthy Living Teen Ambassador Training.
  • Most importantly, have fun while learning about health, fitness and nutrition.

A 4-H Healthy Living Teen Ambassador’s goal should be to help educate youth and to gain as much understanding about being a leader, mentor and role model for youth, while also learning about overall health and well-being. Teen Ambassadors help youth rethink their food options and get them excited about physical activity.

Are you ready to become a 4-H Healthy Living Teen Ambassador? Michigan State University Extension will host a Michigan 4-H Healthy Living Teen Ambassador Training on January 6 to provide ambassadors with key information and a foundation to begin their role as a teen ambassador. For more information, contact Kea Norrell-Aitch at 586-469-6264 or

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