New 4-H year begins

Resources to aid 4-H volunteers.

September 1st signals the beginning of another 4-H club year. Many volunteer leaders search for new resources to enhance their 4-H members’ club experience. Michigan State University Extension has listed resources that may assist leaders as they plan club activities.

A national research project called Volunteer Research Knowledge Competency (VRKC) Taxonomy  is a cornerstone effort that guides training and support for 4-H volunteers. The VRKC Taxonomy is expressed in six fields:

  1. Communications
  2. Organization
  3. 4-H Program Management
  4. Educational Design and Delivery
  5. Positive Youth Development
  6. Inter personal Skills.

Each field includes a 20 to 30 minute lesson plan and evaluation piece.

A second resource is the 4-H study on Positive Youth Development.  4-H is dedicated to learning and understanding how its programs help youth become responsible citizens leading healthy and productive lives while discovering critical science-focused innovations.

The third area to explore is the Michigan 4-H Website. Resources and upcoming events on the MSU campus or Kettunen Center are available on the site.

A final area to discover for new programs and activities is the Eight Essential Elements of 4-H Development Programs site. Here there are ten modules which include key concepts, best practices, resources and activities for the Essential Elements of 4-H. The curriculum is available for free online or is available as a printed copy that can be ordered for a nominal charge.

By adding a new activity to a 4-H club agenda, members and leaders alike will have a fresh new year as they “Make the Best Better.”

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