New collaboration, cooperation and partnerships toolbox launched!

Use of social media serves as a valuable asset for forming the recently launched LinkedIn Group known as the Michigan Tourism Collaboration, Cooperation and Partnerships (CCP) Toolbox.

Implementation of the 2012-2017 Michigan Tourism Strategic Plan (MTSP) is underway, and numerous initiatives designed to address the plan’s eight goals and various objectives are in the process of being developed.

As reported in a previous article titled The importance of collaboration, cooperation and partnerships, one of the eight goals relates to collaboration, cooperation and partnerships, with the intention to “Foster a culture of public-private collaboration, cooperation, and partnerships – across the state and beyond – to continue to unify the tourism industry and help grow Michigan’s economy.”

As one means of achieving this goal, a LinkedIn group – the Michigan Tourism Collaboration, Cooperation and Partnerships (CCP) Toolbox – was recently launched. The CCP Toolbox is designed to facilitate the development of new, innovative and non-traditional collaboration, cooperation and partnerships that will increase and improve tourism activity throughout the state. Members of the tourism industry and the broader economic development community are encouraged to join the group and to use it to share best practices and resources, to seek and offer assistance with current and proposed projects, and to otherwise benefit the tourism industry throughout the state!

To join the group, search for the MI Tourism Collaboration, Cooperation and Partnerships Toolbox on LinkedIn or contact MSU faculty member Dr. Sarah Nicholls at

Also, the newly-formed Michigan State University Extension Tourism for Sustainable Community Prosperity (TSCP) work team is currently developing tools and presentations to help support tourism related efforts throughout the state of Michigan. In collaboration and partnership with MSU Faculty, MSU Extension educators, industry experts and community members, the TSCP Team supports the mission of growing tourism statewide. For more information, please check out the MSU Extension website.

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